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 Birgit Hart / Contax 645, Ilford 3200 /  www.birgithart.com

Birgit Hart / Contax 645, Ilford 3200 / www.birgithart.com

So this photographer / gallerist has hit the road. First stop Munich, where I am staying with my dear friend Birgit Hart, her husband and two children. She's was one of the first ones, who inspired me to shoot on film - having attended FIND a few years before me she has been hybrid shooting (mixing film & digital) and quite frankly I believe her eye is just exceptional.

When we see each other we always jump right into talking about soulful stuff, family life, business, healthy eating and of course film photography. "It is amazing how you can see something that is actually invisible." said Sven, her husband and owner of one of the finest record collection I've ever seen. We agreed on calling it "The Soul" of analog images.

The upcoming weeks and months I will dedicat to finding out everything I can about this "Soul" - I will meet artist, analog photographers, do an internship at my lab in Valencia and another one in Vienna. I've rented out my flat and decided to improvise for now. Somehow I trust that this soulful journey is going to lead me to good places and fabulous people, for now that's all I need to know.