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One of the many reasons I love analog photography so much for and maybe someday I'll even realise it is actually the most important reason of all - it's the connection with people you make. Sometimes it's just a smile you exchange after seeing someone's camera, sometimes it's a chat that evolves because someone asks you about yours. And soon after you notice you have something in common, somehow it seems it's all one friendly, analog tribe.

One of my encounters was Carlos Blanchard, who was DJ'ing at a wedding I photographed in Italy a few years back. We didn't have much time to chat but spoke mainly about shooting film and Carmencita Film Lab. Basically his job started when mine was done and our paths haven't crossed since that day, but I keep following his work and am always so delighted when I see one of his frames in Carmencita's Best of collections - where they often can be found.

In my eyes Carlos is somewhat of an embodiment of the analog adventurer, someone who takes the camera all kinds of rare places and makes unlikely discoveries. His Fuerteventura series I will talk about some other time is absolutely stunning, raw and textured in earthy tones. Today and for the occasion of welcoming winter back after he took a brief vacation, I want to dwell in Carlos marvellous snowboard and skiing captures from Albania. Honestly enough I didn't even know this was a good place to ski - but then again, as empty & vast as these landscape look I might not be the only one!? Carlos images are absolutely ass, the negative space, dynamics through the characters, the contrasts and grain - everything is absolutely just spot on. 

 Carlos Blanchard, Albania 2015 - Canon Eos 1, Kodak T-MAX

Carlos Blanchard, Albania 2015 - Canon Eos 1, Kodak T-MAX

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