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have patience reminds Mr. rilke...


What memories are you craving? What unforgettable experiences are you deciding to create?

I am deciding: To dance on the streets. To cook with my children. To make homes wherever I go. To dress up and be playful with my expression. To love you more than anything else in the world. To kiss you at least once a day. To smile at you, whenever I see you. I decide: To ride horses through the woods. To swim like a fish. I decide to run every day. And to write. I decide to write about it. I decide to speak about it. It makes me happy to speak about it: To say that I have decided to limit the hours I spend behind the computer. And to maximise the hours I dance, swim, run or make love. I feel it is a much more natural expression for my body. And I shall write.  Letters and poems and little love notes and postcards. Most of all postcards: Rebellious, little, poetic (a)nderstatements. 

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