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Dinner with Audrey

Yesterday I had the pleasure of dining with a very special French lady. Yes, lady is just the right word for her - somehow I couldn’t even imagine how she was ever eighteen years old and then you look at the women on the streets, in the cafés and shops and you know that age really doesn’t matter, it’s all about posture and attitude. This incredible attractiveness that is far beyond looks and cannot be lost or bought with money, you have to earn it - or be Parisienne? Audrey and her work are very much that: Confidently feminin. 

Rachel, another talented film photographer, who had just moved to Paris from California joined our gathering and talking much about life, work and the French savoir vivre, it was a splendid evening. On whichever scale successful, there's a connection between film photographers, which will never be found with digital shooting colleagues. I am wondering, maybe it’s knowing about the courage it takes to start shooting film, that is like an invisible bond between us analog beings?

Now that I have met Audrey again, spent a little more time getting to know her, I feel the desire to use my skills and say something more about her, beyond words. Yes actually I can’t wait to have her in front of my lens. Knowing it won’t be just about her incredible physical appearance - there will be another, seemingly invisible layer, as I have seen her inner beauty too. 

Alors, à bientôt Paris!

  Audrey  portrayed by Albert Roig, founder of  Carmencita Film Lab

Audrey portrayed by Albert Roig, founder of Carmencita Film Lab

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