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To begin, begin

It’s almost two years now, that I went to Buenos Aires and looking backI am chuckling that I didn’t have quaintest notion I was intuitively adopting a very old idea. Taking a sabbatical or the advice to “let your fields lay fallow in the 7th year”, has recently found it’s modern day synonym in “taking a Sagmeister”, after it’s famed advocate and Austrian design luminary.

I might have turned this year into two with work-periods in between travels, but it’s proven a priceless experience and I can’t begin to put to measure, what it meant to take this rather brave first step into the unknown and jump on a plane to South America. Equipped with a mild burn out and little more knowledge of Spanish than hello, goodbye & thank you, off I went, trusting that whatever it was I needed to find out, I might as well do so while learning a new language and dancing a lot of Tango.

Every journey starts with a first step and though it can feel as simple as buying a ticket for a flight, it was the public announcement I made about it, that kept me from getting cold feet. Yes, I guess committing is a good way to begin. So stay tuned to find out about exciting new adventures and musings on life, art & the analog!

xoxo Pia

Pia Clodi