Worskhops & Upcoming Events

Passionate about collaborating with talented friends to learn from each other, grow in our crafts(wo)manship and to pass on our mutual love for film photography!



Vienna Workshop          

April / Mai 2017

Passionate to pass on the analog torch as I believe shooting on film brings out not only the best photographer in us, it also let's us be present in the moment and concentrate on the here & now instead of a screen.  Peeps interested in making better photographs join me for a workshop in my lovely Vienna!

We'll be talking portrait, travel & wedding photography, posing couples, groups & portraits as well as seeing and metering light. You'll learn how to expose film for the best results and bring a film photographers mindset to your analog or digital photography adventures! *

PS: Of course we'll also hang out in some cafés - cause that's basically where I live! ;-)  

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams


Keep it Real


17th of October 2017, Berlin

Very happy and proud to be speaking at the first edition of Keep it Real in Berlin this October - what an amazing line up of talented photographers and long time heroes!

Come join Steffen Böttcher, Lukas Piatnek (LOOKSLIKEFILM - but isn't ;-), Marko Schwarz (Schwarzbild), Susann & Yannic (Paul liebt Paula), Björn Lexius (Hafenliebe Fotografie) and me at the Film Palast and if you're interested learning more about shooting film, I'll be hosting a Berlin workshop the next day with a limited number of spots!



Traveling light

2nd-4th of November 2017

Now isn't this adventurous group of film photographers simply amazing!?:

Jonathan Canlas

Greg Finck

Branco Prata 

Audrey Neracoulis

Micheal Ferire

Wesley Nulens

Nastia Vesna


and my humble self

Join us for an sure to be fabulous adventure!!

Because life is more than 1’s and 0’s.
— Albert Roig, Carmencita Film Lab

* All events are for digital as well as film photographers. If you're interest in analog photography but don't have a film camera yet it doesn't matter you'll be able to try out different one's.